You want to have a website made. But where do you start? At the beginning, of course. And that is writing down what wishes and requirements you have for your website. Consider what purpose your website has. What 'tone of voice' and 'look and feel' the site should have.
And what menu structure you have in mind.

We are happy to help you compile the wish list. Of course, we advise you on the structure and possibilities of your website, so we can then determine the right modules from our maintenance environment (CMS).


Of course, you're curious about how much your new website will cost. The quote we make based on the inventory is clear and transparent. No unpleasant surprises afterwards. For each part, you see exactly what the costs are.
And the agreed deadline is incorporated into the total planning.

During the preparations, we also make agreements about the design phase. If you are already working with an advertising agency, we do not mind if they take care of the website design. Of course, you can also engage us for this. It's convenient to have one point of contact.


If you agree with the quote, we will start with the design. The basis of our design is always usability and a clear navigation structure. But of course, your internet business card also looks beautiful and professional.

We make a design, in which we work out the homepage and in some cases a number of screens. We also make proposals for, among other things, the menu shape, linking, buttons, typography, color use, imagery, and handling visual material. After approval of the presented design, we will start the construction phase.


Everything that has been determined and recorded in the previous phases will now be converted into a functional web application. During the development of the application, we thoroughly test it to guarantee the accessibility and functionality of the application in all relevant browsers.

In addition, text and photos are added to the website in this phase if this has been agreed upon in the quote.

Acceptance and explanation

As far as we can determine, the site is now finished. The content is in place, the site has been thoroughly tested, and it has been checked whether everything meets our quality standards. You may now test the site, check and determine if everything is as you had in mind. In this phase, you also have the opportunity to have minor changes made.

We give you a brief instruction for using the maintenance environment (CMS). Not that you will need it, but we do it anyway. For completeness.


Everything to your satisfaction? Then your website will now go online. We ensure that hosting, domains, and other facilities are configured and the web application can go live. Of course, we supervise this process with great care and are extra vigilant to solve any problems immediately after launch.


What next?

We standardly deliver all our websites with a maintenance environment (CMS) so that you have maximum control over your website. However, sometimes you want more. For example, the assurance that a professional closely monitors the search engine performance of your site or someone who helps you with some graphic adjustments to your site now and then.

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