Custom webshop creation for increased conversion

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Want to have a webshop made in Weert? If you're looking to start a webshop, you're at the right place with us. We develop effective and professional custom webshops. We build search engine friendly webshops and can create custom integrations with payment providers, suppliers, and delivery services. The online stores developed by Downdijk are successful with high conversion rates and we ensure your webshop ranks high on Google with good search engine optimization. Therefore, Downdijk is the ideal partner to have your custom webshop created.

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How we develop a professional webshop

We are eager to offer our expertise with advice and guidance if you want to start an online store. With more than 15 years of experience, we understand that the real work begins after launching your webshop.

The following is standard with every webshop:

  • Custom design that fully aligns with your branding (no pre-programmed template)
  • Completely built website in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP
  • Custom homepage component
  • Category overviews
  • Product listings and product pages
  • Shopping cart pages
  • Integration of online payment modules
  • Contact form with contact details (optionally desired Google Maps map)
  • Unlimited number of text pages
  • Webshop fully set up by Downdijk
  • Downdijk maintenance environment (CMS) fully configured for your webshop needs
  • Management of orders, customers, categories, products, and texts
  • Standard with SSL
  • Communication to discuss if everything is as desired and possible improvements after going live
  • Support via phone, email, and/or WhatsApp

We inventory your wishes and discuss the possibilities. A unique design is developed and you will be guided through the entire process. You can also manage your webshop yourself without technical knowledge and we take care of hosting and technical management.


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Webshop design Fightlife Webshop design Easypointer


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Your webshop is built for optimal performance and ease of use

Our webshops are search engine friendly and are supported on mobile, tablet, and PC. We ensure that you are findable in Google and that your webshop performs optimally with online marketing. You also have access to a comprehensive set of tools to set up and manage your webshop to make it a great success. The management features functions such as order management, customer management, various payment providers, search engine friendly URLs, product management, category management, and various marketing tools.


Start a professional custom webshop now

Starting your own webshop is easy. We are eager to help you at competitive prices and offer online marketing for more visitors and thus more revenue for your webshop. We are a reliable partner to have your webshop created and developed, helping you achieve online success.

  • Our maintenance environment (CMS) is simple and user-friendly
  • Product management, customer management, and orders in one overview
  • Well findable for search engines
  • Secure PSP payment methods like iDEAL, PayPal, and Sisow
  • Includes mobile/tablet webshop (Mobile first and thumb-friendly navigation)
  • We offer you good service and quality
Webshop design 123ScooterParts
Webshop design Per Ton Metals

Online software packages that can be maintained by downdijk, among others

Downdijk can also support you in developing, customizing, and setting up your templates and your online website software.

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In the past, we have worked with the following online software packages:

  • Wix
  • CCV Shop

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