Custom Projects

You've come to the right place for the development of professional and customized web applications. Our experts have years of experience in developing web applications that meet the latest technological standards and your specific needs. We work with various technologies, such as PHP, Javascript, Sass, C#, HTML5, and CSS3, and follow the latest trends in web development so that your web application always looks modern and professional.

Our services are focused on creating efficient, reliable, and user-friendly web applications that match your business processes and objectives. Whether it's a simple web application for internal communication, an advanced web application for online sales, or a unique web application for your specific industry, we have the knowledge and experience to realize your wishes.

We also offer support in setting up and managing the infrastructure for your web application, so you can focus on using it instead of worrying about technical issues. We ensure a secure and reliable environment for your web application to operate.

If you're interested in our services, don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quote. We are driven to optimize your business processes and help your company grow through technology. Let us be your partner in developing your custom web applications.

Downdijk specializes in many different programming languages and can help you flesh out your project.
Some examples of custom projects and freelance projects that Downdijk has realized in the past include:

  • Administration system / CRM including
    • invoicing (incl generating PDFs)
    • quoting
    • statistics
    • delivery notes
    • labels
    • time tracking
    • exports (CSV, Excel, XML)
  • Webshop with major API integrations including
    • Shops United API for shipping packages
    • import API integrations from dropshipping providers
    • PSP API integrations for online payment modules
  • Online tennis match system
    • Club management
    • Member management
    • Ladder match system with email challenge notifications
  • Online laser configurator
    • Filter selection by type of laser, length, thickness, height, material, and quality
    • Export to PDF based on part numbers
    • Quotation request via email confirmation
  • Client / customer portals
    • Login capabilities
    • Ability to change company information
    • Invoice overview
  • Dealer portal
    • Login capabilities
    • Ability to change company information
    • Downloading promotional material
    • Downloading software updates / drivers
    • News overview of last changes
    • Downloading manuals / guides 


For the above-mentioned projects, we used various programming languages and integrations such as:


HTML5 brand
CSS3 brand
JavaScript brand
Sass brand
Git brand
Github brand
C# brand
Java brand